We service the south coast of England, on large housing developments or individual private clients. We employ over 30 fully qualified scaffolders with a strict health and safety culture to ensure professional conduct and the construction of safe working platforms for use by all site staff. G & H Contractors work in compliance with the new TG20:08 regulations. We also work in line with the The Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme. Please click below if you require further information about the scheme.

We are able to supply and erect traditional independent scaffold for individual plots or larger more complex scaffolds to a design specification if needed. For example, platforms with loading bays, stairs, purpose built safety rails and more.

Products and services include:


Scaffolding Work

Delivery & Erection
Dismantling & Collection Services
Hire & Supply
Temporary Roofs & Structures

Scaffolding Types

Roofing & Chimney
Guttering Scaffolding
Inside Scaffolding
Support Scaffolding